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Welcome To HourGuarantee.com

HourGuarantee.com is a company that has been established by talented and experienced Bitcoin dealers and forex dealers, We provides a full investment service focused on the Bitcoin trading market , Forex trading market and other digital asset trading market. We are willing to help our investors to make stable profit and improve our business. Now our company decided to attract the working capital in the international market of financial investments. If you want to join us to consistently earn over a long time period all you need is just to register on our website, use the possibilities of the company and earn profits hourly. Join us now then you can make instant withdrawal in next one hour.

about us...

Investment Plans

1.08-1.15% For 96 hours

min deposit: $10
max deposit: $3000
Principal Include
3% Ref Commission

1.80-2.50% For 60 hours

min deposit: $300
max deposit: $10000
Principal Include
3% Ref Commission

6.00-10.00% For 30 hours

min deposit: $3000
max deposit: $100000
Principal Include
3% Ref Commission


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AdvCash payment processor will not be accepted!
Dear member, AdvCash payment processor will not be accepted, if you have investment plan of AdvCash, please withdraw your profit as soon as possible when your plan is expired. ...
Aug-2-2018 08:03:40 AM

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AdvCash Payment System is back to normal!
Dear members, AdvCash Payment System is back to normal! Now you can make deposits and withdrawals via AdvCash! Sorry for the inconvinience. ...
Jan-26-2018 11:20:01 PM

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why Choose us?

Professional Team & 7x24 Support
We have a team of experienced and qualified financial analysts who are developing new strategies. We have 7x24 Support for all members, and have phone support for VIP members.
Instant Deposit & Withdraw System
We provide instant deposit & withdraw system. The deposits & withdrawals are always processed instantly.
DDOS Protection & SSL Encryption
We have DDOS Protection & SSL Protection to protect our server and user data. Your investment is safe and your privacy is also protected.
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